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FAQ Baby Nest

Are baby nests safe?

Lilly & Co take the issue of safety very seriously.

In the absence of safety standards for baby nests or pods, we took our nest to an accredited New Zealand materials and testing laboratory to test for firmness, tension and potential hazards. No hazards were identified.

Our baby nests are designed as a portable option for supervised sleep, rest and play.

Always put your Lilly & Co nest on a flat and firm surface.

Always ensure your baby’s feet are at the “tie” end of the nest. NEVER put your baby’s head at the foot end.

Do not use our nests near vertical structures, walls or contained areas. This may cause suffocation.

Do not put stuffed toys, extra bedding, pillows or anything else that could cause suffocation into our baby nests.

Our nests are suitable from birth until your baby begins to roll. Always be aware of your baby’s abilities and do not put them at risk of injury.

As with any baby product, it’s important to use your common sense and Lilly & Co accepts no responsibility for your failure to do so.

As a company, Lilly & Co do not promote, advocate or encourage unsupervised sleeping in our baby nests.